What are implants?

“… as if it were your own!”

A healthy set of teeth consists of 32 teeth. And it should stay that way for as long as possible – that’s what we’re working on with you with full commitment. But don’t worry! Even if one tooth or another is lost due to an accident or dental disease, there is now the perfect replacement: an implant.

These are artificial tooth roots made of titanium or ceramic. These are used as root replacements in place of the lost tooth and can give crowns, bridges or prostheses new support.

There are also implantological concepts for toothless patients that enable fixed teeth to be restored within a day. Let us advise you on this in a personal conversation.

A real alternative to removable and ill-fitting dentures!

After an individual consultation in the practice, we can work together to create a treatment concept that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Thanks to the most innovative techniques and the use of lasers, even patients can be treated with blood-thinning medication.

If the tissue around implants becomes inflamed, one speaks of peri-implantitis in the advanced stages. The reason for this is usually the difficult-to-access areas between the dental prosthesis and the implant.

Therefore, great importance is attached to regular professional care, as well as education about special cleaning methods during prophylaxis and preventive examinations.

Even if you already have older implants, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

The treatment is minimally invasive using a laser. This prevents the loss of the implant.

Our implant team

Stefan Grümer M.Sc.
Stefan Grümer M.Sc.Dr. med. dent.

All-ceramic reconstructions

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Melissa Yüce

Implant prosthetics
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