What is endodontics or root canal treatment?

Fight for every tooth! When the dental nerve becomes inflamed, it is usually not a pleasure. The aim is to use the latest technology to treat and preserve these teeth as painlessly as possible.

The field of endodontics, or colloquially root canal treatment, deals with the treatment of dead or inflamed tooth nerves. In the case of inflammation, severe pain and possibly swelling can occur in the acute course. The aim of this biomimetic treatment is to preserve the natural tooth in its original form and function. In order to ensure this permanently, the tooth is provided with an enamel-like all-ceramic crown for protection and stabilization.

Bacterial infections in the form of tooth decay or periodontal disease are often the trigger for such inflammations. In order to combat these effectively, we use the laser as a support for deep disinfection.

Our endodontic expert

Silke Meißner
Silke MeißnerDr. med. dent.

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